For a bride choosing a wedding dress is an event in itself. Often we dream of our ideal wedding gown from childhood, changing this vision with the passing of the years, only to find that at the moment of the final choice, that dream wedding gown is far from being suitable for the person we have grown up to be.

At least this was my experience. After years of dreaming of  wedding dresses with large wafting skirts; of lace and embroidery; in colours initially starting with icy grey white or creamy ivory passing to strong statements in scarlet and cobalt blue, when the time came for me to choose I realized that none of these dreams were right for me at all.

wedding dressEach of us has their own intimate vision of themselves  for this very important moment.

There are choices to be made, but most importantly, I think, is for you to believe and DECIDE TO BE the ‘princess’ of the occasion, as not always can we transform all the event we have planned in something surreal or magic; BE for a day exactly as you wish to be, simply be yourself, even if you don’t always have the courage to show your real self to the world.  Starting with this premise your fantasies can go wild in infinite dimensions, but your message from your inner self should be clear and unequivocal and should be the conductive thread throughout the scenario of the great day.

Wedding dress: externalizing your fantasies 

If you choose to go with your fantasies, your dress can be in theme with this and in harmony with that of your groom.  Together you should be complimentary to the vision you are projecting.  There are infinite options to choose from, but what is important is the complicity of the couple, united in a new adventure be it romantically nineteenth century or futuristically modern. Let that your wedding planner suggest you how match a perfect harmony between the style for the entire setting of the event and the wedding dress of your dreams.

Should you choose to project that part of you that normally you do not have the courage to show, you the bride, will need to investigate which of your characteristics you wish to put in evidence, for example: determination, timidity or maybe sobriety. The sensation you wish to externalize can be achieved through the selection of the line, volume, colour and fabric of your gown and don’t underestimate the hairstyle you choose as your crowning glory.

Understanding a wedding dress message

Some tips: extremely sharp geometric lines, covered shoulders and arms, even with lace, give the impression of reserve, modesty and also strength, whereas a low cut neckline, ethereal vale and a voluminous gown depicts a sense of fragility and gentleness.  Every wedding gown is designed with its own harmony and its balance between volume and weight of the fabric, but the effect could clash with the bride if she does not feel or project the gowns’ characteristics.

The statement is extremely important for the bride who wishes to present herself for the person she really is at heart. Not all of us understand the aspects of our inner self that we would wish to externalize, make unequivocally evident on this special day. The choice of the gown, for these brides, is more complicated as each detail needs to send a message about ourselves and also the right dress will give us the most satisfaction.