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Wedding Venues in Italy: love, dreams and food and art experience

When choosing the place to get married in Italy you have to consider that the most important moments are three: the ceremony, the banquet and the site of the hospitality for the couple and the guests if you are getting married away from home.

If you’ve chosen to look for your wedding venues in Italy, that means you’re looking for the right love atmosphere, the right place to live a dream, as well as to have the best food experience.

There are many hints of wedding venues in Italy: “Intimate Italian Weddings” through the experience of our Italian wedding planner Simonetta Pollera, might suggest you several wedding venues in Tuscany (see also our article “wedding in Cortona“), some wedding venues in Rome, but it may well be worth exploring even wedding venues in Umbria.

There is a wide choice among various wedding venues in Italy; all places are very beautiful with their own special and peculiar charm.

Just consider that over 70% of the world monuments are located in Italy and in every corner you can find wonderful landscape views.

Any of the wedding venues in Italy provides you with the certainty that you can enjoy unique landscapes and famous artwork around the world. 

Intimate Italian Weddings proposes mainly places located in the center of Italy (as wedding venues in Italy).

If you choose anyone of the various weddings in Tuscany, in addition to discovering the harmonious Tuscan hills, you can discover the art of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo.

Or you could have the unique atmosphere of Giacomo Puccini’s musical works, rather than taste the wines of Montepulciano or Brunello di Montalcino.  

Wedding Venues in Italy - Tuscany

Among the various wedding venues in Italy, you could also choose anyone of the wedding venues in Rome, the “eternal city” with its three thousand years of history and with its monuments.

Rome is visited in a short time thanks to the close proximity of the various “artworks” (the main monuments are within a radius of 700 meters, within the historical center)Wedding in Italy at Rome

But if you prefer a quieter place, where peace and harmony with nature reign, then, among the wedding venues in Italy, Umbria could be the right place.

The birthplace of Saint Francis from Assisi, st. Benedict from Norcia, and Santa Rita from Cascia offers religiously silent atmosphere and it i considered the green lung of Italy. 

In addition to extensive valleys of cultivated fields and wooded areas, Umbria is also characterized by the presence of Lake Trasimeno.

Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake in Italy, a true Natural Park surrounded by beautiful small medieval villages.

Wedding Venues in Italy - Tuscany, Umbria, Rome

Civil or religious ceremony?

Catholic marriage in Italy

There are several possibilities and often looking and seeking unexpected situations a new idea not previously considered can be the right choice.

If you are talking about a Catholic marriage, the ceremony will be inside a church consecrated.

In some cases there is a chance of finding a private chapel directly in the accommodation.

Civil wedding cerimony

In the case of an italian civil wedding ceremony many municipalities offer places of particular value as communal houses, a good alternative options to the  central  marriage office, often  a crowded noisy and depersonalized place.

If you have 20 guests and more it can be interesting to rent a villa or farmhouse for the exclusive use.

Protestant rite or symbolic wedding cerimony in private property

In this case the symbolic ceremony or the Protestant rite with civil recognition, can be done where ever you like in the private property.

You can see some our proposals about locations of wedding venues in Italy in these insights: weddings in Rome, weddings in Tuscany, or wedding venues in Umbria.

The exclusive rental of a property can be done in two different ways: it can be daily if it isn’t possible to stay overnight, or for short or long periods.

Short term means a minimum of three days of residence with the possibility of performing the ceremony and reception; long periods instead is required minimum stay of a week.

In case the villa has no sufficient capacity for all the guests, we can arrange with the nearby structures to accommodate them.

Wedding venues in Italy? We are at your disposal

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Check in advance the availability of both the church and the structures and contact us to fulfill any curiosity about the residences and possible disposal solution for the different moments of the event.

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