The cake is the last official moment of the entire wedding event, the guests are now tired, satiated therefore like any dessert at the end of the meal, should intrigue, captivate, but then satisfy the sense of taste in its fullness without excess or heaviness. Therefore, the choice must be made not only in a decorative sense, but also tasting.

The first decision to make is: classic cover cream or those covered in sugar paste according to the American way?

 The classic wedding cakes in a  simple one plan are those “old style” made with sponge cake filled with cream and covered with whipped cream, but still retain their charm. Cakes with cream are genuine, mild and made with ingredients that are part of the Italian tradition, you can choose the flavor of the sponge cake, cream and all the decorations. These cakes you can find in a good pastry shop.

The sugar paste cakes are beautiful, they are part of the American tradition and the Anglo-Saxon, are stuffed with butter cream, cream enough calories, but absolutely delicious, but you can ask your baker if he is willing to find a compromise with a lighter taste following the classic Italian cream recipies. The sugar paste is a modeling paste with which you can create extravagant  covering in various colors, three-dimensional decorations, the most varied forms.

Another very popular cake is the millefoglie. Simple in decor and fresh, it’s always an elegant choice and great appreciation for its lightness.

For any doubt the italian wedding planner Simonetta will be glad to answer you, so that the final choice will be the right one to celebrate your Intimate Italian Wedding.

The decoration

The wedding cakes can be decorated in many different ways, you can use simple dots, ribbons, lace (true or sugar paste), or make a ruffle cake, formed by overlapping ruffles, a cake that at the moment is very fashionable. The flowers are certainly the traditional decoration for the wedding cake, from the real ones, perhaps in contrast to a neutral background color or perfectly tuned with the rest of the cake. The flowers are very beautiful even painted or made with sugar paste, in all respects identical to the real ones, only you can eat, or keep them, as a memory of your special day.

The taste

Defined the appearance, remains the most important choice: What is the best taste for your wedding cake? There is a huge variety of cream flavours, but we can divide into three main categories, the fruits tasting, the cream full of whipped cream,  and the choccolate cream. Even  the role  of the dessert is surprising, I suggest to choose in case of any doubt the lighter situation because it will come after a good meal.

Depending on the decoration you choose and the taste of the cake, the price can vary greatly, which is why it is important to find the right balance between aesthetics and goodness.

How to keep  a low budget

For those seeking a compromise between scenic effect and costs there is a way to keep the budget low. It’s quite common these days to make the dessert time less obvious and more dynamic,  to have a bouffet of mixed desserts and sweets, to be served  as a choice option with the classic wedding cake. In this case the cost of the cake drops significantly because the pastry chef will design a multi-level structure in which one plane contains the cake itself, that you can eat. The rest is created by covering of sugar paste of the supports of plexiglass. From the aesthetic point of view you will not lose anything, but in fact save a bit!

Before the final decision, taste the fillings you like, explaine well and in detail how you want your cake, take some advice from your  trusted pastry chef, perhaps seeing his previous work and then get to the right proportion between the shape, the cake type, fillings, decoration, weight and price!