Getting married in Rome: a catholic marriage that is a dream come true

Getting married in Rome: a dream come true Getting married in Rome in the Vatican City A marriage in the Vatican is a reference point for all Catholics and the City of Rome; with its history and charm, is the most sought after destination for those wishing to marry with a Catholic ceremony. The Vicariate [...]

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Colours are the key word for fashionable Intimate Italian Weddings 

“It was a most beautiful wedding” is the comment at the close of a wedding that determines its success; and colours are the key word for fashionable Intimate Italian Weddings   Many are the components that form a successful wedding: starting with the emotional aspect and then its style – could be amusing, relaxing or romantic, [...]

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How to plan the perfect wedding: a check list to prepare your wedding in few steps

When you decide to get married in Italy, there are such a lot of things to think about that it’s quite hard to recognize where to start for organize a perfect wedding. Quite often friends and relatives love to help you with suggestions, ideas many aspects need to be considered for most technical  and logistic [...]

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Lights & Music for your Italian wedding party

Choose the right lights and music to create the atmosphere and the perfect soundtrack for your Italian wedding party. Choose the perfect lights and music effects for your wedding party in Italy  Our senses of sight and hearing are the ones that allow us to better tune with the environment in which we [...]

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Invitations and favors: details of the wedding

Invitation and favors are the beginning and the end of your event, you should  take care of them  The invitation is not just an exhortation to your relatives and friends to participate and share with you a very important moment, but it is also your way to introduce them in the manner you want to [...]

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Photo & Video for your wedding in Italy

Each of us has a special relationship with photography. Some like to catch every particular detail, and others prefer a very specific selection of images representing the highlights of the whole day, but what is certain is that photography will be the element that will testify and renew the emotion of your Intimate Italian Wedding [...]

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