When you decide to get married in Italy, there are such a lot of things to think about that it’s quite hard to recognize where to start for organize a perfect wedding.

perfect wedding - a check list to organize it in a few stepsQuite often friends and relatives love to help you with suggestions, ideas many aspects need to be considered for most technical  and logistic , but also emotional matters in order to organize a perfect wedding.

It’s up to you to decide  how much every single detail is important and the quantity of energy you want to invest in it or you can always ask the assistance of a wedding planner who will avoid you loosing your time especially for the first selection of the vendors, give you technical and professional advise for the setting and the organization and resolve all the daily problem could be happening from the planning up to the wedding day.

Here some tips by Simonetta Pollera, Italian Wedding Planner


For an italian civil wedding ceremony it is very important to know all the documents you may need. Ask in your town Hall or in the religious community where you belong and start asap to collect all the documents and resolve the paperwork you may need. If you are going to be married abroad ask at the nearest Embassy of that country what documents they ask for a Civil wedding in that country.


You can dream the perfect wedding but if during the organization the budget starts to go over breaking point at the end we’ll be only a very stressful event. So if you want to keep the target of your budget it’s very important decide which are the aspects you care most and where  eventually you can save money.


First of all you need to choose anyone of the wedding venues in Italy as you desire; when the location has been chosen, the event starts to have its own personality.

Indoor/outdoor  – Day/night; just one place for the ceremony and the banqueting or two. Depending on the time and the setting you already start to define the scenography and the style of your wedding (See also our insights about wedding venues in Rome, wedding venues in Tuscany, wedding venues in Umbria, or wedding in Cortona )

Are you planning a religious,a civil or simply a symbolic ceremony?

The banqueting: you can choose a rich aperitif or a seated lunch/dinner. An event intimate or  fancy? If the budget is limited there is an important decision to make between the quantity of the guests or the quality you are going to offer.


To create an harmonic and unique event it is highly recommended to have a theme that will follow all the moments of the day. It could be a color, a flower, an element that the couple particularly care for.


And with them , using their experience, design the best solution for your unique wedding.

For the setting of the ceremony and the banqueting time you need to contact the florist,  just  in case of out door event a supplier for renting marquees. It is also important to consider lights and music and their location during every single moment of the event. Start to think about the play list that could be the perfect soundtrack  for the three moments Ceremony, banqueting and eventually dancing time.

With the catering agency you should choose the menu, the cake and the favorite mise en place, with the table setting and decoration.

Meanwhile in accordance with the style of the event the couple needs to choose the wedding dress with the accessories such as shoes, underwear, jewelry, bouquet and bottonier. Hair style have to be in accordance with the dress and the style of the bride.

If the wedding will be out of your normal residence it is important to offer some options for your guests of locations where to stay during these days.


It is another  important element of the organization of a perfect wedding.

You need  to inform your guests regarding the date and the location  with a formal invitation bespoke designed or in the faster way via internet as many people are starting to do. Place seats, menu, tableau and favors need to be planned. The photographer and the video maker will keep safe your memories regarding this day, so it s definitely an important choice.


Depending on the situation renting car could be a priority  service for transportation necessities for the guests or just a decorative effect for the couple.

Other services you may need are a baby sitter and animation for the little guests or fire works or Chinese lanterns for a scenographic cutting cake moment.

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