Wedding tourism is a growing trend: let’s see the reason more and more people want to get married in Italy.

Alle the reasons for getting married in ItalyFor some years, Italy has been one of the most sought-after marriage destinations, as evidenced by the growing number of foreign couples who choose to marry in Italy. In fact, there are over 6000 weddings (considering only civil ceremonies ) of foreign people who have been celebrated in Italy. A record that sees Italy firmly in the lead in this sector.

All the reasons to get married in Italy

Have you and your partner finally decided to get married? Then getting married in Italy will be an opportunity for you to live a dream and, why not, an unforgettable vacation. This obviously applies to both you and your guests. In addition to these reasons, there are many other reasons for deciding to get married in Italy. Let’s find out together below also thanks to the
experience of Simonetta Pollera, one of the most requested Italian wedding planners.

Let’s try to discover the four main reasons why more and more people choose Italy to celebrate their wedding.

1. Get married in Italy: a marriage marked Italian style with the support of a local and professional wedding planner

Getting married in Italy - Italian style weddingThe so-called “Italian style” is known throughout the world as synonymous of elegant and charm: in fact, Italians are famous for their traditional marriages that always coincide with the organization of grandiose and wonderful events. The result of all this is that to organize the wedding has become a real job, especially if you are not from the place.

To realize your dream of having an Italian-style wedding, simply contact Simonetta (Contact her here). It will be Simonetta, listening to your needs and respecting your desires, who will make sure you organize your wedding in Italian style, taking care of all the details, from the ceremony to the food, to the entertainment of the guests.

2. Weather in Italy is a valuable ally for your wedding

Another reason why more and more foreign couples decide to get married in Italy is connected to the weather. The weather during the good season is sunny and mild. And if indeed it is true that for most of the year the weather is almost always beautiful, especially from May to October, but you would to get married in the winter, you can always choose a beautiful art city like Rome or Florence as the location.

Moreover, if it is true that April and May are the favorite months for wedding ceremonies, due to the pleasant climate and spring that will give a truly unique atmosphere thanks to flowering, it is equally true that getting married in “low season” months can guarantee you reduced costs for the wedding venue and accommodation.

3. Get married in Italy: the beauty of choosing memorable and breathtaking locations

The best locations to getting married in ItalyThose who choose to get married in Italy, usually do so for a very crucial reason: because of the vastness of breathtaking locations available. The cultural and artistic heritage of Italy is vast and often, some of these magical locations are available to host wedding ceremonies and receptions creating an event unforgettable and uniq.

Who has never dreamed of holding an elegant reception in one of the ancient villas with their immense and well-kept gardens in Tuscany if not even directly immersed in the Renaissance beauties of Florence? Or in one of the fantastic medieval towns of Umbria, perhaps right inside a castle? Not to mention the beauty of the churches of Rome for a Catholic wedding ceremony, if not directly in the Vatican, all places that you can have at your disposal with the support of Simonetta Pollera.

4. The most requested destinations for weddings in Italy

Among the most requested destinations to celebrate their wedding venues in Italy there are undoubtedly many of the Italian cities of art, thanks to their magical places and atmospheres that will surely give a touch of romance to your wedding.

Tuscany, and Rome in particular, have contributed to fulfilling the dreams of many of the couples who got married in Italy. Cities of art such as Florence with its splendid Piazza Signoria overlooked by Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi museum, or Rome with its incredible vastness of ancient monuments offer a context that perfectly combines elegance, and relax. Your stay and consequently your guests journey too, turns into a beautiful holiday, where the Italian style is lived in 360º, and not only in a dream wedding.