The 3 most beautiful locations to get married in Umbria

Getting married in Umbria is the right choice for those looking for a place with the authentic Italian appeal Umbria is one of the smallest regions of Italy. Located in the heart of the center of the peninsula it is famous for being the only region of peninsular Italy that has no external borders: this [...]

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4 good reasons to decide to get married in Tuscany

All the reasons that make you decide to get married in Tuscany The wedding day is, for the majority of the people, the most important day of their lives. Consequently those memories will accompany the couples forever, and it is important that the entire event would be organised perfectly under every aspect. This is exactly [...]

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Getting married in Italy: discovering why the Belpaese is one of the most popular destination for weddings in the world

Wedding tourism is a growing trend: let's see the reason more and more people want to get married in Italy. For some years, Italy has been one of the most sought-after marriage destinations, as evidenced by the growing number of foreign couples who choose to marry in Italy. In fact, there are over 6000 weddings [...]

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Getting married in Rome: a catholic marriage that is a dream come true

Getting married in Rome: a dream come true Getting married in Rome in the Vatican City A marriage in the Vatican is a reference point for all Catholics and the City of Rome; with its history and charm, is the most sought after destination for those wishing to marry with a Catholic ceremony. The Vicariate [...]

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