Intimate Italian Weddings philosophy

As a child I thought that the wedding day was a special day, because we do not decide where and when we are born, but we can choose with whom to share our life.

Your choice deserves to be shared and celebrated in a manner and style that YOU want.

“Non si ricordano i giorni, si ricordano gli attimi”

“We do not remember the days, we remember the moments.” (Cesare Pavese)

I like to think of having participated in one of your precious moments.

How it Works

Choose a setting

Choose what kind of ceremony: civil, religious, symbolic

Choose the area and the location for your wedding

Make a list of your wishes for an unforgettable day


Intimate Italian wedding - wedding in tuscany



Answering these three simple questions, ‘how’,‘where’ and ‘when’ will be the start of a really good job. Your answers will define the setting and the style, but most of all the atmosphere and personal touch that you wish to give your most important event.

“Intimate Italian Weddings” gives you some examples when, how and where.

If you choose the hot season and the urge to be outdoors, you may select  perhaps a beautiful garden of a traditional tuscan villa, surrounded by vineyards in rolling countryside. When choosing to marry in the cold season, you’ll be more lightly drawn to warmed and pampered situation of a glowing fire and candle light atmosphere; these you may find in  a villa or a castle near Rome or in Tuscany may be, with a spectacular view over of Florence.

Ideal situation for both the ceremony and banqueting. The formality of the location will help you select the banquet style. This could be a classic banquet style or perhaps standing refreshments which are more informal, and then there’s a choice of entertainment for your guests.

Following the ceremony you may choose to stay in a stately residence for few days with your relatives and friend, or in a more private solution for the two of you, but not too far from them. Whatever you have in mind there are numerous unique locations for you to choose from in the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside and in the cities of Rome, Florence, Siena… and their hilly suburbs. Talk to us about your dream location and we will give you a prospectus of all the various solutions, the diversity and their characteristics.


With our experience, we have selected the most elegant and charming structures. We have identified distinct locations to give you the opportunity to choose from different charm and character, yet all with that unique touch that represents the Italian taste and style.


The moment of refreshment is the time where you celebrate with family and friends your union, it’s a time of joy and gathering together. The place with the right ambience of light and sound helps create the atmosphere of the event, but for your guests the refreshment is what they await with most curiosity.

small italian wedding in countryside


It’s one of the most popular regions of Italy. The countryside colors change during the year, due to the natural rhythm of the harvests offering a spectacular overview of the natural beauty of Tuscany. For those who have in mind an outdoor wedding the best time is from April to late September, but some areas have microclimates that are very interesting, and the colors of the first days of autumn are spectacular.

small wedding in Rome - Intimate Italian weddings


Regarding the choice of where to stay and play the banquet, Rome offers a wide range of options whether you choose a single or two different structures for the reception and the accommodation. We offer some of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels located in the city’s focal points, or villas in about half an hour from the city.

Intimate Italian Weddings packages - Intimate Italian Weddings


It ‘s a small green region in the heart of Italy, still quite unknown, but good connoisseurs of the hidden treasures of Italy are starting to discover and appreciate it. Umbria has a discreet and sober charm due to it’s Franciscan past, but it has nothing to envy to nearby Tuscany for the variety of it’s repertoire of cultural and artistic property and the impressive landscapes.


  • Just outside of Rome
  • A Medici Residence
  • Casale in Tuscany
  • Luxury villa in Chianti
  • Getting married in Cortona
  • weddings in rome packages
    Modernity and relax in Rome
  • matrimonio in villa
    Wedding in historical villa near Rome
  • Intimate and romantic
  • The amazing view of Rome
  • Wedding in an antique Abbey
  • Lake View
  • Weddings Venues in Toscana - Tuscan wedding
    Wedding dream in Tuscany


Choosing to marry in Italy is choosing to marry in one of the most unique and romantic places on earth.

All religious ceremonies, civilian ceremonies or symbolic ceremonies can be arranged, but getting through the cumbersome bureaucracy is not always pleasant and immediately rewarding.

Civil ceremonies with legal validity are celebrated in the Town Hall in Italy. There are also some buildings such as museums, palaces and castles which the municipalities have made ‘case comunali’ or public space where authorized civil marriages can be celebrated.
The variants for each couple and the locations they choose make for a diversity of bureaucratic procedures to be followed, these may depend on the municipality, church or religious confession or the nationality of the spouses.

You can lean on Simonetta for the management of the documentation necessary to ensure that your Italian wedding is then recognized and validated in your country.

“Intimate Italian Weddings” recommends that each couple start collecting their documentation for the religious and civil validity of their wedding at least 6 to 8 months prior to the ceremony.

So that within two months of the date chosen for the celebration all documents are forwarded to the office of competence to resolve the paperwork. The priest or chosen authority and the location for the celebration too need to be booked well in advance (at least 6 months – if not longer for very sort- after churches and locations).



“Intimate Italian Weddings” offers a selection of options that make it easy to find the perfect combination of features and services to match your expectations, as well as your budget.

“Intimate Italian Weddings” can provide a complete package of assistance and advice in all matters relating to preparation and undertaking of the event, we can provide only selected aspects the procedure, location and accessories, all starting with the more technical and bureaucratic  (see specific section ceremony and documents) and ending with the more creative issues.


Unlimited emails, phone calls and meetings – Assistance in all understanding and carrying out all bureaucratic practices in case of civil or religious marriage – Location search and scouting and reservation of the venue- Budget creation and management – Payment schedules – Creation of a planning time line – Design and lay out of the setting for the different moment of the entire event – Honey moon suggestions – Preparing an itinerary of appointments – Entire coordination and management of wedding rehearsal, Welcome party, Day after lunch/brunch and WEDDING CEREMONY


Customized vendor recommendations – Review of vendor contracts – Vendor liaison – Catering and menu selection – Wedding Cake/sweets selection – Flowers & decorations – Transportations – Entertainments – Receptions of the guests and Entertainment coordination – Taking notes and documenting all contacts and products informations – Hair, makeup – Lights & Music – Invitations, favors & welcome gift bags or baskets – Wedding dress & accessories – Photo & video – Chef at Home – Tour suggestions



I would like to know you a little in order to identify your style and aspirations, bringing into focus with greater harmony your ideas and the setting for this very special day. We need to identify and construct your wedding style and ceremony together. I will do this by offering you a consultancy service for every detail related to the style, features, etiquette and the latest in fashion in the wedding world.
Tell me your dream and I’ll make it come true.


Assistance in resolving bureaucratic matters -all documents and certificates that are required for civil, religious ceremony. (see ceremony and documents).
Selection of providers of proven professionalism -giving you the best values and corresponding costs, saving you a long and tedious search but achieving the same price as if you had done it yourself.
Collaboration with the providers to make sure every detail is personalized and unique, in keeping with the theme of your ceremony and the emotions you wish to express.
Organization and over-viewing of every detail regarding the ceremony. Negotiations and contracting with the location of the reception and wedding ceremony. Selection of the menu, venue settings, flowers, music and entertainment, etc. You will be informed of the progress of all the preparations; scheduled meetings and appointments will be arranged to test, verify or correct choices made.
Management of the couple and their guests lodgings during the period of their wedding ceremony. That is if they are not residing in the area. Assist in the arrangements for their entertainment and comfort during their stay in the area.


Synchronize the timing of the various aspects of the reception, organize and coordinate the providers.
Check on every detail of the arrangements contracted and their development: invitations, transportation, reception and ceremony locations and their decorations, floral decorations, table settings, catering, photography, music, and entertainment. The bride and her entourages´ dresses, make-up, hairdressing and photographs. In addition guests with special needs will be looked after discreetly with all the necessary patience and diplomacy required. (i.e. elderly and young relatives, specials diets, baby sitting, car rentals etc.) In short a discreet supervision of every little detail.


At the end of your wedding ceremony, you will have support in closing all the formal issues including the legal, bureaucratic and financial aspects. Support in tidying up small oversights and your return journey.

Italian wedding planner Simonetta Pollera

The wedding planner tasks

wedding planner in Italy - Intimate Italian WeddingsThe wedding planners job is to help you realize your dream wedding day: to create a unique event. She accompanies you through the development of every detail alleviating all the stress that this involves, leaving the joy and excitement of the anticipation through to the resolution of every small detail that will make your wedding unique.

Each ceremony is an event in itself characterized by the personality of the couple.




Wide choice of exclusive and impressive LOCATIONS, all selected with carefully attention to offer you different options for setting, capacity and budget.

Guarantee of a person practice of the territory,reference for all information regarding, History, culture, Cuisine, Bureaucracy and all what you like to know to fill you at home in Italy.

A person who allow you to save time in the prior selections between the wide range of options regarding all the professionals, focusing and proposing you only a selected range of options tailor made, following your priority and preference.

Reliable intermediary to guarantee with all suppliers for goods and services the best price/quality ratio.

As a recognized accompany tour, I can suggest you in the best way all the aspect of the organization of your journey in Italy, converting it in your unforgettable wedding in Italy.


Intimate italian weddings - review by Leilani & JR

Thanks for the beautiful photos. We can not thank you enough for a very outstanding job, without your help we will never have a seamless wedding.
You have been a god sent because of your pure honesty and reliability in your dealings with us. Even with the distance you never waive your trustworthiness. You had that sixth sense in easily understanding our wish lists and matching them. Your patient was very remarkable especially during the week that we were there. You had executed every detail with professionalism and made the wedding and our stay seamless. We treasure and love each moment. .

Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao. Leilani & Hildo
May 26th 2016 Tivoli – Civil Ceremony

Intimate italian weddings - review by Ilya

Hi Simonetta!
First of all thank you for all you did for us. We had a magical wedding! I see the pictures and I cannot believe we did it together. It was so beautiful! It is almost surreal to hear from others that our wedding was better than theirs. ?
I’ve never heard that before. Thank you.
Ilya & Michael

21st July 2016 – Meleto Castle – Symbolic Same Sex Wedding

Intimate italian weddings - review by Leilani & JR

Simonetta is the absolute best!

She walked my husband and I went through all the steps and processes for getting married in Italy. We decided to go to non-traditional route and have a civil ceremony in Italy. There was a lot of paperwork both  US State side and Italy and Simonetta made sure everything went as smooth as possible.

Additionally she was our tour guide while we were in Rome and took us to many places that you would not see or view with a commercial tour guide.

Day of wedding was more than we could have ever dreamed off. Simonetta took into account that I am a wedding photographer and knew that I would love gorgeous views and photography opportunities on my wedding day. Between the small town hall, the gorgeous restaurant and the garden it was simply breathtaking. 

Whether you are in the United States or anywhere else and decide to have your wedding in Italy please book Simonetta. – Victoria & Thorrell

11th October 2019 Civil Ceremony near Rome