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Wedding in Rome: there are many opportunities.

Rome is the only city in the world where you can touch and see the history anywhere simply walking in the street.

Just around the corner you are surprise with beautiful fountains, monuments, and the Colosseo, the Fori Imperiali are just a slice of the  a variety of scenarios and perspectives unique  to celebrate such an important moment of your life, but also the daily life has a special charm .

No coincidence is that although it is a chaotic town compared to other major capitals, remains one of the top destinations for a  short holiday,  or a second residence among the wealthiest people just to breathe its incomparable charme.

Marriage in Rome: the ceremony


Castel Sant'angelo Panorama - Monuments - wedding venues in Rome

There are an incredible number of wedding venues in Rome: wonderful locations where you can married no matter what kind of rite you choose.

For the symbolic ceremony you can opt for any private property. Just choose the scenario and the perspective you prefer.

For an italian civil wedding ceremony, The City  Hall of Rome has 3 respectable situations, among them the most famous is s. Maria in Tempulo (Terme di Caracalla or Vignola Mattei Complex). Just pay attention to the timing of booking.

You can also choose other situations a few kilometers away from the city,  in which the bureaucracy,  no depending of Rome Town Hall is easier and the locations are fascinating as well.

For the Catholic ceremony, Rome is the city with the highest percentage of churches of great historical and architectural relevant in the world, you just have to be careful at the time of booking, some of them have  a relevant  waiting list.

If you are thinking to get married in Vatican the church will be S. Anna, a nice church a few walk way from San Pietro.

romantic wedding venues in rome

Also with regard to other religions the beauty of the buildings make the city one of the best sites to get married.

If you want any suggestions or you have specifics curiosities on weddings in Rome, for example about some churches or places, contact us and we will be happy to help you to better appreciate your choice.

Although the weather in Rome is quite mild throughout the year , the best season to appreciate the city is between April and May and  in autumn September and October.

The colors and scents of the city are unforgettable, and it is not so crowed of tourist like in the mid summer.

Simonetta is graduate in history of art and loves to talk about it, sharing her passion for this incredible city (leave a message in our facebook page for further informations).

Wedding venues in Rome: the banqueting

 Regarding the choice of where to stay and play the banquet, Rome offers a wide range of options whether you choose a single or two different  structures for the reception and the accommodation.

We can offer some of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels located in the city’s focal points, or villas on terraces with spectacular views of the city and chef of first order in about half an hour from the city.

Marriage in Rome: follow some of our suggestions.

If you have special needs do not hesitate to ask to our italian wedding planner: with the excellent knowledge of the territory, Simonetta Pollera will meet what you have in mind (contact link)






Wedding in Rome - Panorama from Monte Mario

Amazing view of Rome

With a spectacular views of Rome, is one of the most beautiful places to perform a reception in the Eternal City.

The villa, former hunting lodge nestled in the fabulous park of Monte Mario, still retains all its charm and level of banqueting, with dedicated kitchen on-site, entrusted to the precious hands of the chef Giampiero Fava, is among the best ever.

The location is suitable to host any kind of event, from small to large numbers while maintaining a high level of professionalism guaranteed by the management Vanni.

weddings in rome packages in a villa near Rome

Historical villas just 20 minutes drive from Rome

In this location  there is the possibility to choose between  two villas completely different. The villas are surrounded by a surface of 20.000 squared meters green area just 20 minutes far from Rome. One is an historical site rich of findings going back to the 2nd century b.C. and the other Villa belonged to the Capranica family in the XVI century, to a  english banker from London, then to the Borghese family and, after the Italian unity, when  Rome become capital city of the Country, the Villa was purchased by the Savoia royal family. Vittorio Emanuele III  the last king of Italy spent here most of his time as his favourite residential in Rome.

weddings in rome packages

Modernity and relax in Rome

This newest hotel, has a perfect combination between details, style and design, elegance in the colors blend along with the excellence in the variety of the menus and the flexibility of all the spaces.

The marvelous garden, enriched with statues, modern pieces of art, a contemporary design swimming pool, will be the perfect frame of your special day.

It’s  just 15 minutes from Rome city centre – perfect for easy access during your stay and conveniently located in the peaceful area of Villa Pamphili.

marriage in Roma in a villa nearby the city

Villa near by Rome

The Villa  was built in the 16th century by a Cardinal. It is situated on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Rome, the sea and Tivoli.

The Villa is a masterpiece of the 16th century art, history and culture, filled with magnificent works of art painted by Italian masters like Ciampelli, Carracci and Pannini.

Today it is a refined hotel member of the famous international chain Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

The location is suitable to host any kind of event, from small to large numbers while maintaining a high level of professionalism guaranteed by the management Vanni.

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